How to love you – Tips to truly love and care for yourself

Firstly, commit to your relationship with yourself. It needs to be your number one priority.

You need to be your own best friend. Treat yourself in thought and action how you would your best friend. With gentleness, love, compassion and patience.

Recognise your worth. Your feelings and thoughts that you are not worthy, loveable or valuable are old untrue stories. Recognise them as that and choose a new way of thinking and feeling about yourself.

Stop keeping others happy at your own expense. Say no when you need to. It may feel uncomfortable, but saying no to another means saying yes to you.

Recognise it’s not selfish to take care of your own needs, it’s essential and will make you a better friend, sibling, daughter, son, worker and partner!

Care about yourself and what you need, not just in a physical way but emotionally and mentally. Ask your self, “What do I need to do to care for me right now?” Is it a walk on the beach, curling up with a book, doing a yoga class, time alone, time with a friend, a good cry?

Feed yourself nutritious meals and beverages. Your body needs to be nourished and cherished.

Exercise your body. Your body needs to move, it is designed to walk, run, lift, carry and stretch. It needs to do these things or it simply stops functioning well.

Allow your self to be happy. It’s ok to be happy and content. Recognise when you are sabotaging yourself and blocking love and happiness. There’s no great mystery to it, you simply stop allowing it due to feeling unworthy. YOU ARE WORTHY!

Stop trying to get love externally, Its got to come from within. When you love, care, respect, nurture, and treat yourself right others will follow accordingly or disappear out of your life.

What needs to change for you about how you treat yourself?  

What are you going to do today to love and care for you?