Natalie is an Intuitive Kinesiologist who works on a very deep level to help you create profound change in your life.

She uses a combination of medical intuition, kinesiology and clairvoyance to access any imbalance in your mind/body/spirit and establish what is needed to achieve health, happiness and wellbeing for you.

By then facilitating deep and transformational healing, Natalie has successfully helped hundreds of people to completely shift their life who have not been able to shift it elsewhere. She does not simply treat symptoms; Natalie specialises in helping you understand the root cause of what isn’t working in your life, why and how to change it.

For you this could be accessing the emotional cause of your physical issues or recognising and breaking old stuck patterns of behavior. It could be healing subconscious self-sabotage or relationship problems.

Natalie’s approach creates profound transformation in all these areas and can help you with specific issues that commonly include confidence & self esteem, anxiety, depression or OCD, grief & loss, phobias & fears, addictions, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, anorexia & bulimia, digestive & hormonal problems, spiritual transformation and general life issues.

By shifting your imbalance once and for all, Natalie’s work allows you to complete the past and align with your true self, creating deep inner peace and the ability to access the life you most deeply desire.

Natalie is a highly experienced and healing professional, having worked in this field for 17 years; a warm and down to earth person of integrity who you will find to be committed, caring, empathetic and uplifting.

She provides consultations in person, by Skype or by phone plus Flower Essences to support the integration of your treatment between sessions.

For more information visit www.byronbaykinesiology.com.au.


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